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Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Platform Hexens Showed Up at the CED2021

Hexens, the cutting-edge cyber security providing platform, that is committed to securing your business, data, and assets by providing technologically advanced security solutions, covering all the aspects of companies’ digital presence, was present at the CED2021.

Hexens offer varying services related to security and in order to control risks. They provide smart contract and blockchain security, penetration and hack testing, source code review, digital forensics, and incident response, mobile application security, stress testing, DDOS, IS Architecture and Design, Audit, Social Engineering, Cloud Services Audit, and Compliance services.

Hexens, as revealed on the official website of the platform, are purely focused on clients and they say that their sixth sense. The platform is dedicatedly working on introducing a whole new approach to Cybersecurity.

Inconvertible skills and a distinct super-focused perspective on every single case is the value that the platform is intended to create. The philosophy of the platform is to interflow all of the senses into HACK SENSE.

Hexens has Over 2 Million Worth of Assets Secured

In addition to this, it should be noted that the platform has over 2 billion worth of assets secured because the team behind Hexens has already identified and addressed the critical vulnerabilities and flows risking data.

As per the disclosure of operations by the team, the digital forensics and incident response team operates with spectacular skills and lightning speed.

Discussing further the team behind Hexens, it consists of experts and veterans from the industry with over 10 years of experience in the field inclined towards infusing their knowledge into every project, boosting it to the peak.

Along with this, we must lay an emphasis on the fact the digital forensics and incident response team operates closely with spectacular skills and lightning speed. Moreover, it should be kept in mind that over 10 million USD of lost funds have been returned.

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