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CYCE COIN becomes first cryptocurrency to offer a solution to global warming


CYCE COIN is a cryptocurrency that’s set to revolutionize the crypto industry, as it’s set to utilize a blockchain tech that’s carbon-neutral. In recent years, the crypto world has faced criticism from many corners because of its adverse effects on the global climate. However, CYCE COIN looks set to shake things up.

CYCE COIN is on the ETHEREUM blockchain as an ERC-20 token and its development has a clear goal and purpose – to undo global climate change. Simply put, CYCE COIN is a cryptocurrency that will leave behind a legacy that’s high on sustainability. The CYCE COIN system has a known source, and its carbon footprint is trackable thanks to the advanced technologies that feature within its power plants generating renewable energy. The supercomputers used to mine CYCE COIN will also be carbon-neutral. These carbon-neutral supercomputers will be compatible with the blockchain infrastructure that’s currently in development. All in all, the CYCE blockchain is set to be the cleanest and most secure blockchain, which will draw all the energy it needs from renewable sources.

CYCE will also reward power plants generating renewable energy with rewards through the CYCE YES License. The license will be issued to the following power plants:

  • Wind Power Plants (WPP)
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPP)
  • Solar Power Plants (SPP)
  • Geothermal Power Plants (GPP)
  • Biomass Power Plants (BPP)
  • Tidal Wave Power Plants

The reward system will see licensed power plants get CYCE tokens. The amount of CYCE tokens deposited into the account of a power plant will be calculated by multiplying the VALUATION FACTOR (kW) by the power amount (total installed).

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