Tuesday, April 23, 2024

DareNFT has raised $2.4 million in private and strategic finance from VCs and other partners

NFT is the newest buzzword in the crypto space. Everyone seems to be getting more interested in NFTs with every passing day. However, the NFT technology is not yet a part of the mainstream in the way that crypto has become. NFTs are still considered by most people as a niche sector combining technology with digital art. In spite of its unpopularity in the mainstream, NFT, and NFT1.0 technology is creating waves within the crypto space.

In recent developments, a universal protocol for a new NFT class called Dare NFT has entered the picture. Its aim is to bridge the gap the separates NFTs from the niche to the mainstream. DareNFT has recently declared successful completion of its private and strategic round of sales with a collection of $2.4 million. More than 50 investors and venture capitalists participated in the round, making it one of the most successful funding rounds of Dare NFT.

DareNFT is deemed as a key player in the NFT 2.0 technology which aims to make the most of the present NFT craze but with certain innovations. With the help of newly raised capital, DareNFT will embark on a mission to make its products and platforms more interesting and technologically advanced. Their product list presently includes a Game Finance (GameFi) network called DarePlay. It is scheduled to be their first MVP release.

With the backing of top investors like Basics Capital, Magnus Capital, and Momentum 6, DareNFT seeks to reinvent the way we deal with NFTs. NFT enthusiasts are hopeful about the prospects of DareNFT.


Cryptured Team
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