Friday, June 21, 2024

DaVinci, a Web3 media platform, will be launched by Polygon and Cere Network.

In recent times, more Web3 platforms are being developed and deployed every day and the newest of these is DaVinci. DaVinci is a JV between Cere Network and Polygon. So, what can we expect with DaVinci? It is a decentralized data cloud platform which will offer subscription NFTs, fan events for the real world and immersive exhibitions by creators. There are many more perks on offer.

DaVinci is a platform for experiences backed by NFT and also direct content monetization. It will facilitate value transfers that are related to NFT and decentralized data. It is powered by the Cere DDC to set up streaming of personalized content to all NFT holders by using smart contracts. It uses the Cere Freeport – a NFT mining platform on Polygon to good advantage to mint functional NFTs and sell them. These specific functional NFTs provide access to specialized content.

According to a company statement, a few benefits that the DaVinci platform offers creators is a guarantee sharing of royalties from sales. Not just royalties but also ongoing delivery of new content that is exclusive. Artists will have access to research and analytics tools so as to customize content to specific audiences among their fans and NFT holders.

In other news, Polygon has recently closed a funding round and has garnered $450 million. It intends to use these funds to expand scaling-related solutions. Polygon was also picked to launch yet another Web3 protocol by Aave for social media.

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