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DBS is working to bring Bitcoin trading to the general public.

DBS is working to bring Bitcoin trading to the general public.

Cryptocurrency is being accepted by the people more and more as time passes. A few years ago people were sceptical about it but today many have embraced the concept. Not only that, some governments encourage its usage too.

Singapore is one of the pro-crypto countries that has made government-funded programs to help people understand how DeFi works. With the government taking such a keen interest in such things many people have taken them up in recent times.

DBS bank’s crypto trading exchange was only open to professional investors till now but they are opening the exchange to everybody. Piyush Gupta the CEO of DBS bank said that in 2022 they will focus more on expanding the crypto market and make it more inclusive too.

They have already planned out a rollout of various digital assets and have already started the work. There might be a few roadblocks in the journey but DBS Bank is working on it right now.

Piyush says that they are expecting a boost in the number of people using their crypto exchange and also to make it more accessible. They also want to make crypto much more convenient and this is all part of the crypto-focused plan.

DBS bank has been focusing on crypto since 2020 and is one of the first few banks to wholeheartedly support the DeFi tech. If you have been thinking of adding crypto to the portfolio ten right now is the best time to do so, especially if you live in Singapore.



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