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Decentraland: Price Consolidation Hints at Potential Breakout Rally Above $1.

The price consolidation of Decentraland (MANA) appears to be nearing the end of its current phase as it gets ready for a breakout. If effective, long-term and patient MANA holders could benefit from double-digit returns from this move.

Decentralised pricing prepares the market for an increase

After 575 days of consolidation below the $0.788 resistance level, the price of Decentraland is now getting close to important levels. MANA formed a bottom reversal pattern known as the Adam and Even setup during its nearly two-year consolidation.

There are two bottoms in this technical formation: the first is rounded, and the second has a sharp v-shaped recovery. If the pattern is correct and the price breaks the neckline at $0.788, which is calculated by adding the depth of the second bottom to the breakout point, a 64% rebound to $1.292 is predicted.

Given that the overbought zone has been retested by the Relative Strength Index (RSI) recently, a retest of the 50 mean level would raise the likelihood of a breakout. The price of Decentraland will probably remain trapped between the $0.788 and $0.542 barriers until this occurs.

Although the long-term forecast for the price of Decentraland is still positive, a short-term rise in selling pressure may cause MANA to reverse. In that scenario, the bullish thesis would be refuted, and a lower low would be made if the price of Decentraland broke $0.542.

A similar event might trigger panic selling, drive MANA down 22%, and force it to retest its swing low of $0.423, which was reached on January 29.

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