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Decentralized digital ownership is championed in this NFT-based game.


In-game income opportunities are rapidly growing in the world of NFT-based gaming. One of the forerunners in this space is Blockchain Cuties Universe. They recently launched the 6th season of their NFT-based game Cutieland. The development of Cutieland started back in 2017. It was one of the first play-to-earn games and has a loyal fan following. The game allows players to learn how the in-game markets function, which allows them to earn real money.

Cutieland isn’t alone in the play-to-earn sphere of gaming. Right now, several games are offering players unique experiences that help them understand more about non-fungible tokens (NFT). The timing matches the ever-increasing demand for cryptocurrencies around the world.

How does Cutieland work?

Cutieland features a variety of adventure lands. Players can play through these lands with their respective Cuties, which may be dogs, cats, foxes, pigs, rabbits, bears, lizards, mutants, or hedgehogs. The players who win the various in-game challenges are rewarded real money in exchange of NFTs and digital currencies.

Players can choose from more than 390,000 Cuties. Additionally, there are countless loot boxes, crafting ingredients and consumables to buy as well. Players, who are also known as Cutieneers, have to embark on a wide variety of in-game quests and complete them successfully to earn money.

Blockchain Cuties Universe makes the game competitive by publishing weekly leaderboards. These leaderboards are perfect for the community to see stats such as top raid victories, top adventure wins, top farmers, and top sellers.

The game is set to evolve further in the future, with the developers focusing on in-game farming and expansion of Wars of Cutieland.

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