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Decentralized Ethereum Scaling Platform Polyagon: Everything You Need to Know.

The project believes in Web3 for all and is striving to bring the world to Ethereum. Polygon is a decentralized scaling platform that allows developers to create scalable and user-friendly decentralized applications with a low cost of transactions. All of this with utmost security.

Founded back in the year 2017 in the name of Matic and getting listed by one of the top exchanges in the market, Binance, Polygon has surely come a long way with the launch of zk-STARK based scaling solution Polygon Miden.

Polygon is a project that has been developed by the developers for the betterment of the developers as it amalgamates the features of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a complete multi-chain system.

It should be noted that till now, more than 7,000 decentralized applications have utilized Polygon to scale their performance. What is more important to understand is that the project is fully dedicated to fostering the growth of the applications based on Web3 by providing the required infrastructure.

Why Polygon Will Continue to Grow

Polygon has got a complete suite of Ethereum scaling solutions, and they are Polygon PoS, Polygon Hermez, Polygon Avail, Polygon Edge, Polygon Nightfall, Polygon Miden, and Polygon Zero. You can surely get the complete details of these scaling solutions on the official website of the platform.

As for the reason why Polygon is gaining a lot of attention these days and how Polygon makes Ethereum accessible for all, it’s due to the presence of four major factors. They are Scalability, Security, Developer Experience, and most importantly, ETH Compatibility.

Apart from the project details, Polygon is constituted of a team of smart and passionate people around the globe. These are the minds who have contributed to the creation of a project that is for everyone with intentions to bring advancements to a decentralized future.

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