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Decentralizing the Internet: How Blockchain-Powered Wayru is Connecting People.

Millions of people across the world, particularly in developing nations, don’t even have a simple WiFi connection. This is due to the control over the industry by internet service providers, who prefer to upsell their services to a customer base that is already established.

Wayru is a company based in Florida that believes that people should have their internet infrastructure in their own hands. To that end, they are pioneering a new decentralized network. This network will contain hardware devices from Genesis and Hotspots. This will provide internet to people who don’t have it, and also reward people who support the network.

The Mission Of Wayru

Wayru wants to provide decentralized access to the internet for the global market. They aim to achieve this by expanding the decentralized network that it already has. They wish to stimulate the adoption of hardware devices based on the Genesis, across the world.

Latin America is the place Wayru has decided to launch the network. The cities of Quito and Guayaquill were the first to reap benefits from this Hotspot network. Wayru intends to deploy at least a thousand Hotspots across these cities.

To that end, they have leveraged the blockchain technology from Algorands. This will enable them to tokenize the Hotspots they have, into groups of a thousand or more. These are known as Hotspot Pools. People who want to show support to the network can do so by buying ‘pool tokens’. When a pool token has been bought, the owner is staked automatically and will also receive WRU from the time the pool becomes active.

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