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DeFi Interoperable Solution Provider Tosdis Showed Up at the AIBC Summit Dubai Event

The Liquid Staking-powered One-Stop Defi Interoperable Solution, Tosdis, recently showed up at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event, which was held in Dubai. It should be noted that the event is considered one of the most prominent and important events in the field of crypto and blockchain.

Staking-as-a- TosDis can provide staking to all ERC20 as well as BSC projects using this service, making it simple, accessible, as well as economical for all present and future projects. At the end of the day, we want to incorporate as many chains as possible into our platform.

As a Service, Yield Farming

Yield farming-as-a-service extends the staking solution by allowing all ERC20 and BSC projects to participate in yield farming and liquidity mining. The hope is that by doing so, they will be capable of making innovative technology affordable to all existing and future projects, while also eliminating the obstacle of development time and costs. The objective is to incorporate as several chains as possible into the platform.


TosLabs will act as a testing ground for new and emerging innovative projects, which will be thoroughly vetted to ensure the best possible experience for both sales participants but also project owners. Toslabs is more than just a platform for raising funds as we help these companies with our contacts and experience. The ERC20 and BSC networks will be supported by TosLabs, but other chains will be merged.

Compatibility of The Bridge and Cross-Chain

A quickly and securely bridge that enables any ERC-20 token to be transferred to the Binance Smart Chain and vice versa, to achieve interoperability and cross-chain potential with other environments.

Liquid Staking

Staked assets can become liquid with liquid staking. Users that stake their assets with TosDis EasyStake will obtain a 1:1 asset-backed token, which may have been exchanged, transferred, and used as collateral in the DeFi world or on any compatible network.

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