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Defi Project Shintama Exhibited at the Crypto Expo Dubai Event

Shintama, a DeFi project formed after the triumph of Shinja as well as Saitama in the DeFi arena, has big intentions to build a secure, simple, but also affordable bridge among regular internet users as well as the Defi world. The company was also showcased at the Crypto Expo 2022 Event, which was held in Dubai.

As per the description of the event, it is considered one of the most prominent events that are held in the field of crypto and blockchain.

In the DeFi domain, Shintama’s cutting-edge use scenario will inevitably grow. It has a new and elegant browser that was built from the ground up to be DeFi compliant.

Learning More About the Functionalities of Shintama

The following functionalities will be included: –

  • An EVM-compliant wallet will be built in. This one will support many chains along with NFT storage. When the browser is opened and the login credentials are entered, the wallet will open.
  • Integrated decentralized exchange with links to all chain stores to simplify the trade!
  • An NFT gallery, as well as a cross-chain NFT award and staking platform, are built-in. Allows users to search through dozens of NFT projects by art style, creator, but also project. In this arena, accessibility to staking pools as well as NFT peer-to-peer loans would be a big advance.
  • Scam detection, contract checker, harmful code analysis, including high-security thresholds for the sites, visit and link to are all built-in A.I. features. All in the name of ensuring the safety of the assets.
  • ā€¨Similar to Brave Browser, users will be able to customize the services and also the advertisements they receive while surfing. Users will also be rewarded for spending some time clicking on bespoke ads.

Two Titans with a common goal: to see finance, sovereignty, and money evolve in the hands of the people. One thing stands in the way: groups who are unwilling to collaborate outside of their segregated boundaries.

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