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Defiyield’s Sonali Giovino answers six questions.

Defiyield’s Sonali Giovino Answers Six Questions

Sonali Giovino answers 6 questions related to the world cryptocurrency. Giovino is Defiyield’s head of communications. Defiyield is an asset management protocol that engages in cross-chain operations. Its objective is to encourage users in becoming a part of DeFi’s ecosystem.

Question 1: What is preventing Blockchain Technology from mass adoption?

The biggest hurdle for mass adoption of Blockchain is plain ignorance. Most people do not understand how DeFi or Blockchain work, which scares them from approaching the subject.

Question 2: What according to you is a good Blockchain startup company right now?

A good startup should be able to offer a connected and integrated network of Blockchain. They must also have their investing opportunities and protocol consolidated to a single place.

Question 3: What do you understand by decentralization? Is it important?

It is all about control. Decentralization grants control to people. It offers them more financial choices other than private and government banks.

Question 4: Given a choice, what are the two superpowers you would like to possess? Would you use them for good or for evil?

I would love to have the power to teleport along with super-human strength. With these powers I would explore the mystical secrets of the universe.

Question 5: When you hear the term ‘Happy Place’, what comes to mind?

My happy place consists of ocean views, palm trees, sunsets and sunrises. I also imagine having wonderful conversations with my loved ones.

Question 6: Which books inspired you the most and why?

I am heavily inspired by Gary Zukav’s The Seal of the Soul. It has taught me how to understand consciousness.

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