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The Democratic opponent for a crypto-friendly senator’s seat is passionate about space

There have been many instances in countries across the world where government officials and participants have come forward in the support of cryptocurrencies. Looking at the widespread network of blockchain technology in the world and the increasing number of participants, the opponents also have started to come into support of blockchain technology. However, the opponent candidate of the Democratic Party has come up with the approach for a crypto-friendly seat of the senator.

Harper has explained her stance on the blockchain network including the various cryptocurrencies and specifically Bitcoin. Harper favored the exploration of the options and possibilities that these cryptocurrencies can create for people across the world. Harper has been portraying herself as a curious individual who wants to know about these cryptocurrencies. She also mentioned how the young generation has been very active in learning the concept of blockchain technology and how it can explore the unidentified parts of the financial market.

The possibilities that Bitcoin can put for the people

Harper who is a former official of the ‘Consumer financial protection bureau is supporting the statements which many other financial experts have been putting across for a very long time. As per the statements of the candidates who is an opponent of the Democratic Party, Bitcoin has the potential to surpass all the traditional methods of the banking system. Bitcoin can establish a network of wealth which will be useful for many people apart from some handful of people. Therefore, she has also asked people for their opinion regarding the same.

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