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Despite an SEC lawsuit over XRP, Ripple is valued at $15 billion.

Ripple, who has been the center of controversies and has had a bad year in 2021, just claimed that they are now valued at $15 billion. Not only that, the CEO claimed that series C funding has come through, and now they are better than ever.

In 2019 December, they were able to raise a whopping $200 million for the Series C funding that was spearheaded by Tetragon. In the same funding Route, 66 Ventures and SBI holdings also participated. After that round alone, the company was worth $10 billion.

But since XRP, Ripple does not know how to slow down. With Riiplex and Ripplenet in full swing, they have managed to add more value to the company. Now worth $15 billion, Ripple will focus on CBDCs, NFTs, sidechains, and interoperability bridges.

Even though they had lawsuits against them by the US SEC, the Ripple Labs founder, Chris Larsen, is confident that they will win the lawsuit. The US SEC has accused them of offering the sales of the unregistered securities offering.

With 2022 starting strong for Ripple, there is no telling where they will go this year. They have been working on major upgrades and updates and, when rolled out, could change the crypto game significantly.

If you have been planning to add XRP coins to your portfolio, right now is the best time to do so. The company has been doing well and it seems like they are going to get even better. Expand your portfolio and add this stable coin before it gets too expensive.

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