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Despite opposition, 34% of players want to use cryptocurrency in the Metaverse.

As Metaverse games scale the heights of popularity, so does the widespread criticism towards them from the public and gamers alike. The advent of blockchain tech slowly taking over the gaming sector has been met with both warm welcomes and cold opposition. Many gaming giants around the globe are trying to incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in their games. They are landing in hot water with the gaming aficionados for many reasons like trying to take lucrative advantage of players and the potentially harmful effects such tech has on the environment.

Crypto Games are here to stay

A recent study conducted by Globant, the IT and Software developer with worldwide fame revealed interesting opinions about gamers who actively engage with Metaverse and cryptocurrencies. More than a third of the participants felt positively about cryptocurrency’s popularity in Metaverse. They were eager to hop on the trends and even opined it would have a progressive effect on playing games. The growing acceptance of NFTs and P2E-centric games were also positively addressed, though many of them noted they have not dealt with NFTs prior to this. They exhibited a good amount of inclination towards NFTs in the future.

The reasons cited by the users in the study reveal the true insights of what people feel towards crypto gaming. Quite a good chunk of the people, exceeding half, who took part in it were very willing to use Metaverse gaming as a mode of receiving digital payments. If the amount of hours spent gaming eventually converted into a steady income, they saw no qualms in gaming and pocketing cryptocurrency. Half of the respondents also said that crypto games are going to be a trailblazer in the industry.

These results back the fact that the promising collab between cryptocurrency and gaming certainly has a future. The newly emerging Metaverse gamers especially in the young adult population, are showing an increasing volition to spend and earn through them. This has offered much hope in the volatile times the crypto realm is facing.

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