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Despite the downturn, Kevin O’Leary says he will not sell any cryptocurrency.

Kevin O’Leary of the Shark Tank fame has announced that he will not sell any of his digital assets in spite of the strong bearish market trend. O’Leary, who is also known as Mr. Wonderful, remarked that as an investor you need to “stomach it”. He stressed that investors should be aware that they can get volatility.

Mr. Wonderful is not Giving Up on Cryptocurrency Yet

In an interview with the magazine Insider, Kevin O’Leary discussed topics like digital assets, especially the now infamous Bitcoin (BTC). The interview was published on Saturday.

When asked about the current market situation, Kevin O’Leary said that investors need to toughen up and face the downtime. People need to understand that not every project is a gold mine. There is a risk of volatility involved and people should not be too alarmed by such events.

Kevin O’Leary and Digital Assets

Not only is Kevin O’Leary a star on the hit TV show Shark Tank, he also works with Wonderfi Technologies as a strategy investor. Last week Wonderfi got the approval to introduce its shares on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange).

At present, Kevin O’Leary has over 32 positions in the space of cryptocurrencies. When Bankless interviewed O’Leary, the Shark Tank star said that assets BTC and ETH (Ethereum) contain his biggest holdings. However, for the sake of equity Kevin O’Leary has also secured big positions in FTX and USDC.

Additional, O’Leary also has stakes in the cryptocurrencies Solana and Polygon.

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