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Despite the turmoil in the crypto market, Belfrics Group is continuing its operations.

The Belfrics Group is a firm for blockchain technology, that is global. It’s licensed, and also regulated by the LFSA, within Malaysia. The Belfrics Group is known for taking a route that is longer as well as more difficult, by establishing cryptocurrency exchanged that were regional. This was as opposed to operating them from one jurisdiction that was off shore.

The Operations Of The Belfrics Group

It was reported by Life Clips Inc. that the subsidiary of the Belfrics Group will continue their corporate operations. This is even as other crypto exchanges are laying off employees as well as reducing plans for growth. The Belfrics Group was founded in 2014 and developed as a platform for digital exchange. Today, they are operating in more than eight countries and have upwards of eight verticals.

Belfrics Group is continuing to execute their plan for growth over the long term. They are a company that has a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Tanzania, Kenya, as well as Nigeria. The Belfrics Group is also known for providing technologies related to blockchain. They provide KYC solutions that are blockchain based as well. They are also one of the few exchanges in the world that can track as well as monitor transactions of digital currency.

They also have experience with regulatory compliance in Asia Pacific, Asia proper, the Miffle East, as well as Africa. Belfrics is also known to work to comply with regulations. There are many exchanges that resist regulation, meaning that the Belfrics Group ID ahead of them.

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