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Developer of the Shiba Inu Claims WEF Will Affect Metaverse Policies.


The Shiba Inu development’s project coordinator and lead programmer are both amateurs who are working on the project. Shytoshi Kusama is who he is. The World Economic Forum (WEF), according to this person’s social media posts, has expressed interest in working with the meme-based cryptocurrency on issues pertaining to international policy. 

Furthermore, this individual said that the World Economic Forum (WEF) expressed a wish to do so. In addition, this person indicated that the World Economic Forum (WEF) had expressed a similar objective, which is another interesting aspect.

In a vote that was held on November 22, Kusama stated that the World Economic Forum (WEF) had “kindly welcomed” the Shiba Inu initiative to take part in discussions about “MV global policy.” Twitter was used to advertise the election.

When that decision was made, it appeared as though the person who was in charge of producing Shiba Inu was making reference to a rule that applied in the metaverse.

A relationship with a meme token that is widely utilized would seem to be a first for the WEF, despite the fact that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies have occasionally been highlighted at WEF gatherings. This is so because the WEF has never before engaged in such a collaboration. Digital assets known as meme tokens are employed to represent memes. Tokens that represent memes can be used.

Approximately 9,500 people took part in Kusama’s survey, and as of the time of publication, more than 65% of them supported Shiba Inu’s collaboration with the WEF, with only 10% saying it didn’t matter. The number of Kusama’s Twitter followers is over 861,000.

According to statistics made, the price of SHIB has decreased by nearly 80% over the course of the past year. One SHIB token cost $0.0000088 at the time this article was published, a considerable decrease from its previous value.

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