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Developers’ Choice ABEY Platform Was Spotted at the AIBC Summit 2022 Dubai Event

ABEYCHAIN is quickly becoming the platform of choice for developers, with up to 3,000 TPS and low gas fees. For high-volume operations, a multi-layered customizable blockchain is used. ABEY is a premier public chain with a hybrid consensus of PoW + DPoS that specializes in decentralized apps, business use cases, including cross-chain connectivity. Recently, This company attended the AIBC Summit 2022 in Dubai.


ABEYCHAIN is the very first fully functional third-generation public chain to address among the most important difficulties in the public chain space: achieving a high level of both decentralization, security, as well as efficiency at the same time, a phenomenon known as the “Impossible Triangle.”

Decentralized Applications Designed (dApps)

ABEY 2.0, which was created specifically for decentralized applications, is quickly becoming the blockchain of options for programmers wishing to create decentralized applications, implement business use cases, and achieve cross-chain compatibility.

Developers can leverage ABEYCHAIN’s extensive features to create their programs, with no limit to the kind of applications that can be created and supported on the platform.

dApps may be Showcased, Purchased, as well as Sold within the revolutionary ABEY Marketplace, an interesting feature that consumers would not discover in other cryptocurrency communities, as an extra feature aimed to encourage a robust developer community building out the ABEYCHAIN ecosystem.

Application of ABEY 2.0

DeFiPlatform SWAPTM

On the ABEYCHAIN, XSWAP is indeed the home of Decentralized Finance. Multi-chain interoperable including multi-asset wallet compatibility, as well as yield farm, arbitrage, lend, swap, stake, trade, borrow, and leverage. XSWAP is intended to serve as a liquidity provider while also being developer-friendly.

Smart Contracts 

ABEYCHAIN provides a simple mobile and web interface for creating Smart Contracts. Easily describe the transaction’s conditions but also run and perform it in a highly secure blockchain ecosystem. On the ABEYCHAIN, all activities are visible, trackable, irreversible, and censor-resistant. ABEYCHAIN’s smart contracts are also far less expensive than those on several other blockchains.

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