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Developers should go back in time to improve crypto gaming

Gaming is a huge industry in the regular world and is making waves in the blockchain world too. If the metaverse for gaming has to expand to reach the same exuberance, developers have to go back to the drawing board.

Gaming developers have tackled major issues like staking and liquidity pooling and lots more in the area of blockchain technology. They are not as focused on the gaming aspect of their project. Their focus is mainly on implementing tokens. If any improvement and expansion has to happen in the metaverse, developers have to work a lot harder. Games which were and are still popular before blockchain was invented, offer ideas on how things could work.

Blockchain offers players the potential to be empowered in a big way. Players can be enfranchised as partners with financial gain and given governance ability. Gaming in the crypto world has a lot of the same games as before – old Facebook and iOS games which ae repackaged. Games like Alien World and Bomb Crypto limit the amount of playing time with timers and cool-down clocks and other features. Players don’t want to face limitations that are usually not included otherwise.

Here are some ideas on what current developers can do to kickstart gaming in the metaverse. Developers have to ensure that their games on Web3 have a good balance of features- on and off chain. Fees should be reasonable. If they charge high fees for a game in an on-chain framework, it will detract people from signing up even for small activities.

Other challenges faced by developers with regard to blockchain is whether features in some games will help in token manipulation and opportunities to arbitrage. Looking back will help them rethink and redesign games for blockchain platforms.

Cryptured Team
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