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DEX Solutions Provider Peanut Exhibited the AIBC Summit 2022 Event in Dubai

Peanut will collaborate with the team to create a personal token listing strategy, which includes sniping bot safeguards, liquidity management, as well as token distribution strategies.

DEX liquidity management, trading, but also MEV protection solutions

Products of Peanut

Peanut Fair

Keep bots out of the DEX listing.

To maximize financial outcomes, protect liquidity as well as token price from sniping bots.

Why Was the Peanut Fair Launched?

  • Create an anti-sniping bot to protect liquidity during the listing process.
  • Prevent pump-and-dump and maintain a healthy-looking chart.
  • Obtain additional funds for product design.
  • Ensure long-term token holder growth
  • Take complete control of the token listing.


Make the cryptocurrency app ETH-free.

Integrate Feeno into your app to allow ETH-free transactions as well as swaps, offer 100 percent front-run protection, and provide the users with a cashback.

Any transaction or swap on Feeno does not require ETH; commissions are compensated in ERC-20 tokens and then sent directly to miners.

Bring some light into the dark forest.

Never again will users be front-runners. – Feeno utilizes its relayer to submit payments directly into the blockchain, making it inaccessible to bots sitting in mempool.

Get a Cashback

Every user who helps make a swap on DEX that causes a pricing imbalance will be rewarded with a “cashback.”

Never pay for a transaction that fails

Users can cancel any submitted transactions for free. Because fees are paid directly to miners, failed exchanges are not included in the block as well as the user is not charged a penny.

Since its beginnings, the Peanut team has indeed been committed to eliminating the Ethereum network’s existing drawbacks for cryptocurrency users.

That is why we developed Feeno, a transaction relayer that enables direct communication among both crypto users and miners, allowing us to send ETH-free, front-run resistant, as well as cashback eligible money transfers.

The company recently attended the AIBC Summit 2022 in Dubai.

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