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DhabiCoin (DBC) Gets Listed On LATOKEN, Holds Potential For Crypto Market


With the upgrade in technologies and the evolution of cryptocurrencies comes DhabiCoin (DBC). It will be listed within a couple of hours on LATOKEN cryptocurrency exchange, which is a universal platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and tokens. DBC is accessible in 68 countries.

According to its official portal, the DhabiCoin token is present in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is compatible with several encrypted wallet applications like Metamask, MyEtherWallet, and Trust Wallet. The portal says the DhabiCoin came into existence because of the popularity of bitcoin and the growing demand for similar cryptocurrencies.

There is also demand for its technology and new payment options in the retail and e-commerce sectors. Emerging technologies, especially crypto, are forcing companies to re-look at alternative methods of purchasing. The platform claims DhabiCoin is one of the most potential tokens in the BSC. Moreover, DhabiCoin is vying to be one of the most profitable and stable cryptos of 2022.

The team behind the DBC consists of experts in the area of blockchain technology, communication, international market, and marketing. In September 2021, it impressed users and investors, alike, by signing a new pre-listing with CoinBene. This crypto exchange is in the top 8 in global business value. DhabiCoin has attracted the attention of the specialized market. The platform has expanded its network of countries at each pre-sales round.

In an effort to reach out to potential investors – new and old – across the world, as well as to guarantee transparency and security, DBC started its initial currency offer in English. Sources say the company has collaborated with hotel chains in UAE as well as with companies and service providers across the world.

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