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Dhanu X Showed Up at the Crypto Expo 2022 Event Held in Dubai

What exactly is Dhanu Token?

Dhanu Coin (Dhanu) is a digital asset that is traded on the BEP-20 exchange. It will be traded on a variety of exchanges, including the DhanuX ecosystem. The platform was recently exhibited at one of the most prominent crypto events, the Crypto Expo 2022 Event held in Dubai.

DhanuX is dedicated to reaching out to the general public and educating them regarding digital assets. People will be able to invest and trade in this area because of the ecological system. In the cryptocurrency world, “Dhanu” has already made a name for itself. Our goal is to make this one of the most useful digital assets for a range of services.

Dhanu X Ecosystem 

  • DhanuX Coin 

On several exchanges, DhanuX Coin (Dhanu), a BEP-20 tradable digital asset, will be available for purchase and trading.

  • DhanuX Exchange 

Customers will be able to trade cryptocurrencies and digital assets, including such traditional FIAT money or even other digital currencies, on the DhanuX exchange.

  • Swapping

DhanuX will make it simple to swap between the accepted digital currencies. The user interface will be simple and intuitive.

Why Dhanu X?

  • Support for Multiple Assets

Using this unified platform, you can manage all digital assets across multiple blockchains. With a single click, users can see their complete investment account.

  • Wallet with Multiple Chains

Use the Dhanu wallet, which is connected with the exchange, to hold fiat and cryptocurrency assets, making it simple to hold, exchange, as well as trade them.

  • Method of Quick Payment

This platform allows for the quick and inexpensive transmission of funds to anyone in the world instantly – for a fraction of the price of an overseas wire transfer.

  • Engine for Advanced Matching

DhanuX Exchange has a cutting-edge matching engine that connects buyers and sellers, allowing for efficient transactions with minimal delay.

  • Secure

DhanuX provides a secure environment for investors by utilizing three levels of app security as well as multi-factor identification.

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