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Digital and Real-Life Community Crypto Panther Exhibited at the Crypto Expo Event Held in Dubai

Crypto Panther is a digital and real-life community. Based on a hundred various qualities, each Crypto Panther is unique and original. The objective is to create the most powerful community and project in the NFT and art markets. Crypto Panther was also present at Crypto Expo Event held in Dubai this year.

  1. A group of 5,555 distinct 2D well-designed Panthers has banded together to get onto the Ethereum Blockchain.
  2. The Chainlink VRF technology ensures fairness and randomization.
  3. Real artworks, parties, street art, and holder incentives are all part of every NFT.
  4. Truly decentralized NFTs — all metadata is tamper-proof and saved on IPFS.
  5. Access to the metaverse and financial support for charitable causes.

Crypto Panther Benefits

Holders Reward

Crypto Panther will be raffling actual artworks worth over 300.000€ among all holders.


Giving back to people in need is the first step in changing children’s lives. CryptoPanther will give to community-selected non-profit groups.

Increase the Value

Will you be the lucky recipient of one of our limited-edition NFTs?

Vila parties

Secret Villa Parties with famous DJs, models, and celebrities happen in Ibiza, Los Angeles, Dubai, and other locations!


Installation of the project at solo and group exhibitions across the world.

Lifetime Membership

VIP access to all upcoming art exhibitions, as well as invitations to special artist dinner parties.

How to buy a crypto Panther

Through our website, you will be able to mint your NFT. You’ll need a wallet with enough Ethereum and the ability to act quickly. For those of you who are unfamiliar with bitcoin, we have reserved 100 pieces for you in our online shop.

How to join Whitelist?

Go to the Crypto Panther Club’s Discord server and follow the prompts there. A total of 555 persons will be eligible to be added to the whitelist.

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