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Digital NFT Town ushers in a new age for eSports


eGame Initiated Ltd is a company that promotes eSports and e-games through Blockchain technology. They have agreed to a tie-up for a project with XRI. Together, they will be working on a Digital NFT Town, an innovative project that will include NFT exchanges, goods sales, and characters for all the users from the original metaverse. This way, the Digital NFT Town has been linked to EGI.

A Digital NFT Town can be considered as another virtual space world where it is possible to use NFTs for making new business models and living. All the activities done in the Digital NFT town are feedback to the real world through the latest blockchain technology like DeFi and NFT.

The sports and gaming industries are already buzzing about NFTs. The NBA has already licensed their basketball game highlights for creating the NBA Top Shot product to the Dapper Lab. This will be operating with multiple rarity levels for specific NFTs with different market values on the basis of the different scarcity and levels of the moment in the marketplace. This will include a Top Shot by LeBron James that was recently sold for about $387,000. There have been some other athlete-driven NFTs as well such as Topps’ digital baseball cards, MLB champions, and Sorare’s digital soccer cards. In fact, a digital trading card from Sorare was sold for about $65,000. This is an example of how esports and other entertainment properties can diversify their revenue streams and expand their reach through Digital NFT Towns.

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