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Disney has filed a patent for a theme park Metaverse.

Disney has patented a technology that will allow it to offer personalized interactive features to the visitors of its theme parks. These parks will be equipped with augmented reality attractions that do not require the use of a headset. The tech will track visitors and project customized 3D effects on the nearby spaces like walls and objects. The patent is called virtual world simulations at real-world venues. Disney originally filed the patent application with the USPTO in July 2020 and received approval on December 28, 2021.

Connected to the Metaverse

The talk around metaverse has been increasing and not without reason. This world exists on the Internet but is accessed with AR and VR headsets. However, Disney has proposed a different approach to bring this virtual world to the real world. It has been interested in this technology for some time. Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney, had said in November 2021 that the company is planning to blend metaverse digital assets with the physical ones. He made this comment while reporting the fourth-quarter earnings of the company. He proposed a special Disney metaverse where the storyline will flow without boundaries.

Disney Has Been Working on This Feature for Some Time

Tilak Mandadi, the Chief Strategy Officer of Disney Resorts, had shared his thoughts on this subject in an article published on LinkedIn in November 2020. He stated that the goal would be to blend the digital world with the physical one. He outlined the plan to make park experiences a mix of digital and physical worlds. The guests will enjoy this experience outside and inside the parks. They will have unique experiences with additional social and connected elements. Visitors will continuously experience something new in this changing environment.

The new technology patented by Disney echoes these visions. The company operates 12 official theme parks across the world. It generated $17 billion in revenue in 2021 from its parks and products

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