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Disney, Twitter and Bitcoin are among the best stocks, cryptocurrencies, and (ETFs).

Disney Stock

In March 2020, Disney stocks crashed to the lowest level due to the pandemic. It rebounded subsequently. But currently, the stock is sinking. Analysts continue to be optimistic about Disney stock. During the pandemic, Disney + streaming services contributed to the revenue stream for the company. Experts feel that the subscriber base is set to grow from its present level of 118 million to 250 million by 2024. Theme parks and cruises are re-opening following the easing of Covid-19 curbs. In 2021 Disney earned USD 2.29 per share, which is 13% higher than the 2020 figure. Analysts view that EPS growth in 2022 will be over 70%.


Twitter stock is not doing well recently. But experts are bullish about the company. Twitter ad demands are increasing due to improvement in Covid-19 situation. The company’s quarterly advertising revenue growth is likely to be over 20%, according to experts. New initiatives by the company such as Communities, Ticketed Spaces are helping its revenue growth.


Ishare 20+year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) is designed to correspond to the price and yield performance of the long-term sector of the US treasury market. The current trading value of the ETF is 138, which is almost its 52-week low. The 52 -week low date was 18/3/2021 and the amount was 133.19.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin recovered remarkably in February 2022, which once again confirms the extreme volatility of crypto. Since the beginning of the month, it has risen by over USD 10000. Recently it has traded over USD 44000, while in November 2021, it was trading at below USD 34000.

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