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Do Kwon’s “crimes” will be exposed, according to Anonymous.


Anonymous, a group of hacktivists posted a warning on their YouTube channel. They revealed more crimes that Do Kwon may have committed.

As a result, the hacktivist organization pledged to bring Do Kwon (Co-founder of Terra) to justice as quickly as possible. This was in response to the tragic downfall of LUNA and UST (TerraUSD) in the month of May this year.

Anonymous published a video on Sunday claiming all of Do Kwon’s wrongdoings. This list included the siphoning of $80 million every month from UST and LUNA before both collapsed. They also blamed Do Kwon for orchestrating the demise of Basis Cash, a stablecoin. Allegedly, Do Kwon co-founded a pseudonym for the job in 2020.

Anonymous is on Do Kwon’s Case

The hacktivist platform said that Do Kwon’s damage cannot be undone. But the platform will do its best to make sure that Do Kwon pays for his crimes. They hope to bring Do Kwon to justice soon.

In order to reveal Do Kwon’s crimes, Anonymous will look over his career since his entrance into the crypto industry. The hacktivist group is certain that Do Kwon has more red on his ledger. They hope to bring every little crime to light.

Who is Anonymous

Anonymous is a global decentralized activist community which began on 4chan in the year 2003. The collective is notoriously famous for planning and executing cyber attacks on various institutions. This includes state agencies, private organizations and financial institutions. Once, the group even hacked into the Church of Scientology.

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