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Dober City’s pre-sales whitelist will start on October 8th


Dober City, the NFT based project, released and opened its whitelist on October 8, 2021. The presale for the same will be taking place at 11 PM on 16th October, UTC. Those who were able to get a spot in the whitelist will have a chance to acquire one of the 300 Dober City NFTs. These NFTs don’t only have artistic value, but also offer a chance to participate in a crypto game (play-to-earn) that is currently under development. The public sale for the NFTs will be open for everyone on October 17th from 11 PM UTC.

Dober City is the NFT project that is built upon a narrative and storyline revolving around a fictional city with the same name. This megalopolis is obsessed with influence, power, and glamour. Theoretically, it is located somewhere in the Metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a dystopian place harvesting some intriguing characters including Doberman dogs that have human-like characteristics and are quite similar to Doberman-human hybrids.

In the first drop, scheduled on 16th October, there will be 10,000 elite habitants who have built their wealth through the work of poor Dobers in the city. However, they consider themselves to be favored by God. On October 16th, there will be 3,000 NFTs available for pre-sale. There will be 7,000 NFTs available for public sale on October 17th.

To build the Dober characters, developers invested hundreds of hours to create 7 trait categories and over 300 attributes. There are traits with varying rarity that can offer some benefits to the holder.

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