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Dock has started an ambassador programme.

Dock has started an ambassador programme.

An Ambassador plan has been launched by Dock to promote its upcoming projects, grow the members and increase awareness of its brand. The company uses blockchain technology to enable developers and businesses to create verifiable IDs and credentials. The members of the Ambassador program will earn token rewards by completing different tasks. They can share social network media posts, promote a launch or update, and create content. The company is looking for Ambassadors with different skills and backgrounds. They can join this program to maintain and grow the community of Dock.

Becoming an Ambassador of Dock

Those who want to join this Ambassador program have to fill out and submit an application form. Once the application has been reviewed and accepted by Dock, the applicants will go through an online automated KYC process. After the applicants have provided their identity data and other required information, they will become Dock’s official Ambassador. These ambassadors will receive payment on a quarterly basis. The amount of payment will depend on the type of content they create and the volume of output work. The company has plans to onboard many individuals who can promote Dock’s content. The ambassadors not only have to maintain and manage the content but also help grow the community.

Easy to Get Started

Successful applicants can get started quickly. Dock has developed many digital assets and images. Ambassadors have to plan and create their graphics and content. They must make sure all these contents comply with Dock’s brand and content guidelines. Ambassadors can collaborate with other ambassadors spread across the world. They can share information with other team members through a discord chat. This place will be used to collaborate and share new ideas.

A simple form has been provided by the Dock team to those who want to join this program. Successful applicants have to provide the required identity information to fulfill the KYC obligation. Once this data is verified by the Dock team, the applicant becomes an Ambassador of Dock



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