Sunday, December 10, 2023

Does the Ethereum blockchain still hold the key to DeFi’s future?

DeFi has been growing at an alarming rate and many people have adopted blockchain tech for a variety of things. While Bitcoin might be the poster boy for crypto in general, Ethereum has always been a much more stable option. But recently this has been changing.

Ethereum has been the king when it comes to versatility and reliability but lately, this has not been true. ETH was formed to counter the glitchy Bitcoin blockchain that has been prone to technical faults ever since its inception.

ETH grew rapidly as a far more reliable alternative and is number 2 in the world of crypto. Its native coin is also the go-to fr many crypto enthusiasts both people and big investors alike.

With more than 800,000 users in 2021 Ethereum blockchain is one of the most used ones right now. But as the number of users increased the infrastructure in place was not able to keep up with the demand. On top of that add the expensive gas fees and ETH has been on a steady decline now.

With alternate chains coming up that are 100x cheaper and more reliable people have been shifting to other addresses. The ETH 2 rollout helped Ethereum retain many people.

With more and more options coming into the crypto space, there are now better alternatives available that help with the inherent problems of crypto. Not only are they faster and more reliable but cheaper too.

Right now is the best time to become a blockchain adopter and reap the profits later on.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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