Monday, December 11, 2023

Doge, Dogecoin logos and trademarks registered in EU

The Dogecoin Foundation now has the registration of “Doge”, “Dogecoin” – its logos and trademarks to its credit in the European Union. Jens Wiechers, the foundation’s executive board member, highlighted that the issue has never been in the use of its memes.

He said the problem has been with people completed unaffiliated with Dogecoin trying to register them. Wiechers pointed out that it only makes sense if they want to extort the community or the Dogecoin project, foundation, and development directly.

The Dogecoin Foundation has on numerous occasions been challenged with the use of its name and imagery because the organization did not seek trademark protection when it initially created the meme coin in 2014. Its application, as of September 2021, at the US Patent and Trademark Office was competing with half a dozen others and at least 100 cryptocurrencies, not related to the Dogecoin Foundation, using the Dogecoin name.

Moreover, the Dogecoin Foundation suffered a setback when its director Ross Nicoll resigned. In a lengthy blog post, Nicoll said the foundation was operating in an extremely challenging environment. He highlighted that the stress involved is overwhelming. Nicole had also highlighted that a number of parties were registering trademarks for Dogecoin.

Furthermore, the meme coin’s developers were faced with a potential lawsuit in the summer of 2021 from someone who alleged that the foundation was responsible for their funds.

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