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DOGE surges after US’ popular crypto ATM operator adds Dogecoin to assets list

DOGE surges after US’ popular crypto ATM operator adds Dogecoin to assets list

The world’s most popular meme coin Dogecoin has surged nearly 15% in the last seven days to the current price of $0.13. DOGE’s price spike is attributed to a popular crypto ATM operator in the United States, Bitcoin of America, adding Dogecoin to its list of cryptocurrencies.

In October 2021, the crypto ATM operator had added Ethereum and had acknowledged the growing popularity of Dogecoin. As such, Bitcoin of America decided to add the meme coin to their BTMs. It also offers Bitcoin and Litecoin options online as well as at their BTM locations.

Crypto ATMs function like traditional cashpoints. It enables users to swap cash for crypto and vice-versa for a fee. However, the fees are quite expensive compared to crypto exchanges. It ranges from 6% to 20%. The average buy fee at ATMs in the US, as per Coin ATM Radar, is 11%.

The new universal kiosk has integrated the functionalities of a traditional ATM with a Bitcoin ATM. It offers three main functions with the first one being the traditional ATM feature whereby customers can dispense cash from the debit card. Secondly, customers are able to buy cryptocurrency with cash, and thirdly, they can sell crypto in return for cash. Moreover, Bitcoin of America offers a host program for store owners who are interested in cryptocurrency or just want to earn extra side income. It provides them with passive income, marketing, and increased foot traffic.



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