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Dogecoin creator reveals his Dogecoin holdings.

The Dogecoin was co-created by Billy Markus in 2013 – reportedly as a joke. Markus recently disclosed his holding of Dogecoins. He revealed that he holds nearly 220,000 DOGE. The value of his holding, at today’s prices, is worth approximately $42,000.

On Twitter, Markus is known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto. He made the announcement of his DOGE holding on Twitter. He went on to clarify that he is present in the DOGE community purely as a member. He added that he no longer represents Dogecoin, and is also no longer working on the project.

As a member of the community, he is active and pledged to support any other member who he thinks is working to improve the community. At the same time, he is against any member who tries to bring the community down.

Dogecoin Prospects

Jackson Palmer, who was Markus’s partner in the creation of dogecoins, has a different approach and attitude. Palmer has consistently been critical of dogecoin and the crypto space in general. He feels that crypto amplifies the worst aspects of capitalism. It makes the wealthy wealthier and enables tax evasion by them.

In comparison to BTC, the distribution of dogecoins is controlled by a select group of wealthy holders. Markus does hold a not inconsiderable sum, but compared to many others, his holding does not give him much say. His holding will not affect the market and also not earn him remarkable wealth. Markus says he is in the space for fun owes nothing to anyone in the space.

Markus also claims to have no great ambition for the space. His interest is only to build things and earn money while also having fun. He found a vocal supporter in Elon Musk who echoed Markus’s sentiments on DOGE.

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