Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Dogecoin exceeds Russian ruble in value!

The world’s most-loved meme coin, Dogecoin has exceeded the Russian ruble in value thanks to a 40-year-old crypto enthusiast living in Colorado. Avery took it upon himself to send 40 DOGE a day to a Ukrainian public address ever since Russia started its assault on Ukraine.

He is using two Antminer L3 mining rigs to send the meme coins, worth around $50 a month. Avery believes donating DOGE to the war effort is an act of profound geopolitical significance. He highlighted that with the meme coin, one can transact around governments and around fees, straight to the source. Moreover, the crypto enthusiast outlined the importance of dethroning the dollar by using decentralized coins which can be transferred seamlessly.

The address to which Avery sends the Dogecoins to was shared by Ukraine’s vice prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov. The leader has been earnestly asking for donations to help fight Russia.

On Wednesday, Fedorov tweeted that Ukraine is accepting donations in meme coin. He said meme can support the Ukrainian army and help save lives from the Russian invaders. The vice prime minister also shared an official $DOGE wallet link. As such, it has received $66,000 and counting. However, this doesn’t change Dogecoin’s status as a joke currency. Donations to Ukraine in the form of the popular meme coin is not being marketed as a cynical investment opportunity.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill is rumbling that Fedorov’s call for donations in DOGE has caught Elon Musk’s attention. Word is that Musk has provided the aggrieved country with internet access via Starlink. Some claim that Ukraine and its leaders have found a way to flatter attention-starved crypto investment clubs into making donations.

Whatever it may be, Dogecoin holders are coming forward in troves with donations.

Cryptured Team
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