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Dogs of Elon NFT Marketplace to Launch 10000 NFTs


The non-fungible token (NFT) market is growing steadily, and online market research suggests that the NFT market will reach astronomical heights in the future. NFT was initially introduced in the crypto market to store and secure digital art like music, drawings, and many such things. The value of NFTs lies in the fact that each NFT is unique. It is distinct on the blockchain. New NFT projects are coming into the market every day. The latest addition in the NFT market is in the form of ‘Dogs of Elon’ marketplace.

What is Dogs of Elon?

This NFT marketplace is inspired by the two famous crypto coins, DOGE (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). According to news reports, the platform launched around 10,000 unique NFTs, most of which featured designs inspired by dogs. Dogs of Elon has already created a lot of buzz in the crypto world after announcing its NFTs. The reasons for its growing popularity can be attributed to its uniquely designed NFTs or the fact that it is a tribute to Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla.

According to the social media pages of Dogs of Elon, it has partnered with DEXToolsApp and is now listed on DappRadar. The Dogs of Elon team has also completed with smart contract audit with Certik, which gives the authentication of safety and security to the native token of the platform, DOE.

The launch date for the Dogs of Elon NFT marketplace will be announced soon. The team explained that the participating people could claim a maximum of 20 DOEs after the launch. The NFTs will be revealed towards the ending of the pre-sale, along with the metadata.

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