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Dolle Mol Bar is one of the first in Brussels to accept crypto payments


Cryptocurrency is no longer restricted to exclusive trading platforms. Dolle Mol café and bar now takes cryptocurrency as payment for drinks. The owners of the establishment claim that theirs is the first of its kind in Brussels which allows the customers to pay in Bitcoin (BTC) or Dogecoin (DOGE).

One of the owners of Dolle Mol, Grégoire, says that the café has to get on with the times. He believes that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the currency of the future. Allowing customers to pay using cryptocurrencies is the protocol to follow.

The bar has only recently introduced this facility. Due to this reason, no customer has paid for their alcohol with Bitcoin yet. The owners feel it’s only a matter of time till the crypto users hear about Dolle Mol and drop by for drinks. To further enlighten their customers, a sticker has been pasted on the front door informing the public about the alternative payment method using cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency transactions are not regulated in the European Union, including Belgium and Brussels. But the owners of Dolle Mol keep it simple and secure. The customer who wants to pay via bitcoin or dogecoin can scan a QR code to make the payment. Once the money transfers to the owner’s account, they will update the amount in the cash register.

You can visit Dolle Mol café and bar in downtown Brussels, on Rue des Éperonniers street. Interestingly, the bar is famous for its anarchist customers. Two years ago, the bar was renovated with the help of young residents in Brussels.

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