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DTCircle Company Showed up at the AIBC Dubai Summit 2022

The DT Circle is an ecosystem designed to help users get the most value from their data.

DT is for data as well as being a blockchain-based system that exists because of the worth of each member’s data.

One of the most prominent events that are held in relation to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the AIBC Summit 2022 Event, witnessed the presence of DTCircle recently. The summit was held in Dubai this year and the event was a huge success.

The platform ensures a fair exchange since it understands the worth of the data. DT Circle, just like every other platform, demands data to access it: the user gains not just DT Circle content, but also a real profit.

It is a Blockchain-based ecosystem designed to make the most of BIG DATA, the data generated by each member, which is regarded as the oil of the twenty-first century.

The DTCircle platform recognizes this value as well as will not only give an immersive experience within this environment but will also deliver tangible financial benefits through the ownership of Token DTCircle and DTCoins.

This ecosystem can provide its users with tools for interacting, communicating, learning, and shopping.

DTCircle is responsible for collecting data from its users in a variety of ways.

DTCircle is working on an Artificial Intelligence system that is linked to the most powerful Blockchain system, gathering data from DTLife, BlockchainPhone, Whisper, as well as the DTCircle browser extension.

Blockchain DTCircle

In Quared technology, DTCircle employs Blockchain (proprietary technology born from the evolution of Quorum, already used by Microsoft and JP Morgan). The Blockchain is made up of decentralized “Nodes” that help with its functioning, data flow management, and certification.

The following are the primary features of Blockchain QUARED:

  • Data Management that is Decentralized and Distributed
  • Fast-moving operations (20,000 Transactions Per Second)
  • Support for Crypto-ID
  • Low usage of electricity
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