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Dubai-Based Real Estate Agency BitEstate Showed up at CED2021


Founded earlier in the year 2021, a real estate agency with its headquarters based in Dubai, UAE, BitEstate, was present at the CED2021 (Crypto Expo Dubai 2021), one of the most significant events in the crypto space. BitEstate is undoubtedly a pioneer in its line of business as the firm is, so far, the first agency that provides services like property management and real estate along with allowing payments with cryptocurrencies.

This company exclusively facilitates the convenient conversion of the purchased cryptocurrencies sitting in your wallet into real estate. So, if you are planning to rent or buy a property in near future and you also invest in cryptocurrencies, then you now stand a chance of spending your crypto holdings to purchase or rent real estate.

BitEstate Real Estate Amalgamation with Cryptocurrencies

We all are somewhere in our minds, aware of the fact that cryptocurrencies and especially blockchain technology, are a thing of the future and are definitely here to stay. In addition to this, emphasizing the dramatic rise in the prices of crypto assets recently, it seems that the growth of cryptocurrencies in the future is inevitable.

With an aim to equip the crypto asset holders with the insights of crypto markets and sensible investment decisions, BitEstate is making a notable name for itself in the crypto industry.

At the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021, BitEstate’s presence ensured that the firm is dedicated to its goal of extending assistance to all sizes of crypto investors with their broad network and property portfolio. Moreover, the agency appoints an expert to carry forward the process of purchasing the property along with ensuring that the investor is provided with cutting-edge payment solutions while utilizing the safest and most secure methods.

Don’t wait more to utilize your cryptocurrencies in unquestionably, the best way possible.

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