Saturday, December 2, 2023

During a power outage in Kosovo, police seized 300 crypto mining devices

Bitcoin mining and resulting power shortages have been a cause of concern in many countries. In the past few months, Iran and Kazakhstan reported similar problems. Both countries struggled to deal with illegal Bitcoin miners. As a result, they faced acute power shortages and had to seize multiple mining equipment from different locations. The newest country to enter this list is Kosovo. The small Balkan country does not usually come to the headlines and is not known for any major crypto-related issue. Having gained independence from Serbia and Russia, Kosovo continued to subsidize its electricity rates to develop the country. The cheap cost of power led to many citizens taking up Bitcoin mining as an additional source of revenue. That has led to the country dealing with power outages and shortages.

The government of Kosovo decided to deal with the issue head-on and launched campaigns against Bitcoin miners. In its newest and most successful operation, the police in Kosovo have seized 300 mining devices from miners across the country. Artane Rizvanolli, the minister of finance of the country, tweeted in support of the actions and praised the Kosovo police for their efficiency. Official sources have said that by seizing this equipment, the government can save thousands of euros every month. Bitcoin mining is banned in Kosovo from December 2021. The country regularly faces power shortages and has to import 40% of its total energy requirements. In these situations, Bitcoin mining is not sustainable for the country’s economy.

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