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EasyFi Spotted at the Leading Crypto Event- Crypto Expo Dubai

Cryptocurrencies are the rising comfort of payment of people. There are undoubtedly many reasons for the same. Have you ever wondered why this payment method is increasingly getting the eyes of the public? First, there is no involvement of the third party.

This gives them a sense of security and comfort. Because cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, they do not require the participation of a third party. Regardless of the location, you will conduct business. Bitcoin’s techniques are yet another rationale for the cryptocurrency’s rising acceptance and importance.

Well! These are just half of the benefits of cryptocurrencies. And actually, they are the reason for expanded crypto-based events globally. One of the leading crypto events in the world is Crypto Expo Dubai. EasyFi attended this prestigious event held on 16-17 March 2022.

What is EasyFi?

Can you imagine the easiest way of lending something? Well! EasyFi is a digital asset lending protocol. It has a layer 2 multi-chain money market joined together with structured loan products to expedite liquidity deployment at unimaginably low cost and speed.

EasyFi is a real catalyst for DeFi multi-chain layer 2 money markets adoption with structured lending products to accelerate liquidity deployment at remarkably low cost and unimaginably fast speed. In addition, money markets with numerous collateral assets that are constantly curated provide you with more options. This is one of the best examples of such marketplaces.

Another prominent feature it gives to its users is that it has structured financial products. Who would it be beneficial for? Retail and institutional users will benefit from pre-packaged market-connected loan products. Yes! You heard it right.

To conclude, the key features it has to deliver are as follows

  1. Layer 2, which means it utilizes the most popular and user-friendly layer 2 networks to provide the fastest transactions at the lowest possible cost.
  2. Frictionless user onboarding with built-in gasless meta transactions for so, of course, it leads to a no-gas fee.
  3. The world’s first and most authentic multichain money market system, i.e., EasyFi, is also live on a polygon, BSC, Ethereum, and other platforms.
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