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Eco Fintech Project focuses on building batteries using blockchain


The NextGen FinTech, which is an eco-friendly project, has recently announced its decision to release a payment system that is based on net-zero emissions. With this, NextGen aims to make substantial financial investments to technologies that are sustainability-oriented, that will eventually end up reducing the impact on climate change.

Green Staker

According to the news sources, the project has come up with a Single Board Computer stalking unit that is solar-powered. The unit will be used to run the NextGen blockchain and it has been named Green Staker. While the Green Staker will primarily run on a solar panel, there will be an addition of a high-recharge cycle LiFePO4 battery, which will be manufactured by ethically sourced non-toxic materials. It will not just offer better recyclability but will also be highly stable. It has been found that all the Green Staker components have been researched thoroughly with sustainability the primary driving factor.

By using the Green Staker, the project is hoping to make its blockchain net-zero emissions, and not just carbon neutral. With a greater number of nodes running the Green Staker, the project will get closer to achieving its goal. These innovations will allow NextGen to facilitate eco-innovation in the entire crypto space.

The NextGen project ensures an engaging and active community by making use of liquidity pool generation, accelerated burning process, automatic charity support pool, token redistributions, and awards for long-term holders. The NextGen blockchain has been crafted with net-zero strategies and built-in carbon offsets. With these innovations, the company is trying to ensure an environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient world.

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