Thursday, December 7, 2023

Open Source Solutions Provider Elastos Exhibited at the AIBC Malta Event

One of the leading providers of open source solutions in the world, that implement P2P networks for communication along with the blockchain technology, Elastos, was present at the AIBC Summit. The open-source solutions provider is well known for its decentralized data storage services, and a decentralized ID system for all the users and digital assets.

We have surely witnessed a rise in the innovations around us irrespective of the fields along with the technological advancements in the face of blockchain. As per the details mentioned on the official website of Elastos, the Elastos Essentials official Super-Wallet is capable of providing complete management support for your digital identity, contacts, decentralized storage, token spending, voting, and even carrying out smart contract operations.

Talking further about the Elastos ecosystem, it is constituted of the Elastos Foundation (EF), Cyber Republic (CR), several independent teams, and a Super-Wallet that is considered the official flagship product of Elastos, Elastos Essentials.

Everything you need to know About the Open-Source Solutions Provider Elastos

The platform is embarked on the journey to build accessible, open-source services for the world. They are moving forward with the aim of providing the developers with the potential to build a type of internet where all the individuals have authority and governance over their data.

While they have named their platform Elastos SmartWeeb, they are re-standardizing the working of the internet and building core technologies.

Discussing further the core solutions provided by the platform, they range from core technologies that are termed Platform Components that involve Decentralized Identity, Community Governance, Decentralized Storage, Sidechain Architecture, P2P Network, and Blockchain Technology.

Being the first of its kind decentralized infrastructure for the Modern Internet, Elastos technology is comprised of the new SmartWeb, which is our version of what the Web3 should be. Well, there is certainly no denying the fact that Elastos Technologies, developers, and users can successfully adapt as the international demand for data rights intensifies.

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