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Transaction Cost Reduction-Focused Payment Protocol Electric Cash Attended the CED2021

Electric Cash, the payment protocol designed specifically to be accessible and featherweight, reportedly attended some inspirational business meetings held at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 (CED2021). The team behind ELCASH was enthusiastic while revealing their plans for the near future, which involved carving out new business opportunities for the project. and focusing on expansion.

Along with being a payment protocol, ELCASH allows its holders to participate in the process of staking in order to acquire the power of governance and reap additional benefits like free transactions and staking rewards.

Talking more about the governance factor, the Electric Cash protocol, as mentioned on the official website of the platform, is governed by its coin holders. This gives every user, who earns governance power, the potential to propose new voting issues and secure their comments on the future development of the ecosystem.

In addition to this, as revealed recently, the distinct second layer implemented to the ecosystem facilitates fast transactions and dealings while making sure that the transaction is secured by the highest level of network security.

ELCASH Stand Was Popular Among Event Participants

As per the metrics obtained regarding the event, over 6,000 people were present at the event and ELCASH, was undoubtedly alluring the attention of people. At the event, the issues related to high transaction fees were discussed and ELCASH seemed to be emerging as a decent solution to the same.

Electric Cash payment protocol was awarded the Best Blockchain Solution at the event marking yet another accomplishment of the company. While addressing the importance of being awarded at this stage, the team behind ELCASH laid an emphasis on the necessity to do their best.

Well, the protocol has intentions to make ELCASH a coin for carrying out day-to-day activities along with being a coin that is community-oriented and a game-changer.

Cryptured Team
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