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Elon Musk Declares Twitter Scope Moderation Council.


Musk announced on Friday that he would be establishing a new “content moderation committee” that would bring together “different opinions” on the matter after completing his takeover and removing senior leadership.

Concerns vary from whether Musk will reinstate Donald Trump’s account, who was banned from the platform after the attack on the congressional building on January 6, to whether a less controlled platform will encourage the spread of hate speech and misinformation.

This week on Twitter messages, Musk stated that the advertising client on the social media platform can not be a free- to all -hellscape. Although he added that the platform will be welcoming to all.

Popular right-wing pundits tweeted catchphrases like “Trump won” and “ivermectin” to test if they would be punished. Some Republican lawmakers and conservative talk show broadcasters have marketed the inexpensive medicine ivermectin as an effective Covid-19 therapy, although medical professionals have expressed grave concerns.

Okay, Elon Musk, is this thing on? Steve Cortes, an advisor to Trump and a former broadcaster for the right-wing television network Newsmax, tweeted. Ivermectin is a rock for both sexes, according to Trump.

On the other hand, Twitter revealed on October 28 that it would collaborate with four exchanges to enable users to immediately purchase, sell, and showcase NFTs through tweets. The NFT Tweet Tiles integration, which links to the related product on the marketplace, shows the NFT’s artwork in a tiled panel within a tweet.

With little over 230 million users, Twitter has a much smaller user base than rivals like Facebook and TikTok. Although the platform continues to have a significant impact on celebrities, journalists, and politicians, many have cautioned that if it devolves into chaos, its relevance may diminish.

Musk reportedly let go of Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and other top executives, while the firm declined to comment anything about the matter to the media. Despite having 238 million daily users, Twitter claims that it has not been able to commercialize in the same way as its competitors, dwarfed by Facebook’s almost two billion users.

However, because it is the preferred forum for many businesses, politicians, journalists, and other prominent personalities, it has a disproportionately large impact on public discourse.

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