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Elon Musk Volunteers to Help Save Ukraine’s Internet, but Details Are Limited.

Elon Musk, billionaire and aerospace manufacturer of SpaceX, responded to Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister’s Tweet requesting help to maintain internet connectivity. On Friday, February 25th, Fedorov said that Musk should shift his attention to the plight of Ukraine and help them stay connected. Internet connectivity was being affected due to ongoing Russian attacks on infrastructure.

Russia started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 23rd. Since the start of the conflict, Western countries have joined hands to condemn Russia’s actions and also to impose strict sanctions. When some Russian banks were blocked from accessing the SWIFT system so important to banking activity, President Putin activated the country’s nuclear forces.

According to NetBlocks, an internet watchdog for governance, Ukraine experienced significant disruptions in internet connectivity. This happened in many parts of the country as Russian forces advanced.

Fedorov requested help in the form of Starlink stations which are part of a satellite internet service by SpaceX. In just a few hours, Musk responded to Fedorov’s tweet and said that Starlink had been activated in Ukraine and that more terminals were on their way. Citizens could look forward to uninterrupted internet service. Musk didn’t offer further details on how these terminals from SpaceX would reach the Ukraine. Without them, internet access would not be possible.

This is not the first time that Musk and his company have helped countries when help was needed. Earlier in 2022, SpaceX is said to have sent around 50 Starlink terminals to Tonga so that internet could be restored, Connectivity was disrupted due to a volcanic eruption.

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