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Ethereum Atari Chain’s native token will be traded on Fantom Blockchain


To boost the adoption of its native token ATRI, Atari Chain will allow the token to operate on the Fantom Blockchain. The collaboration between these two crypto companies is set for success as each company is a pioneer in its respective space. They will first explore the Layer-1 solution, which charges a low transaction fee to allow super-fast transactions.

About Atari Chain

Parent companies, Atari and ICICB, came together to create the subsidiary, Atari Chain. The leading Middle Eastern financial services company, ICICB, owns a 50% stake in Atari Chain.

The purpose behind launching the Atari Token ATRI was to make this token the most sought-after in the gaming industry. Initially, ATRI ran on the Ethereum Blockchain. But this became problematic for traders interested in buying or selling the Atari tokens. One of the reasons was a high fee charge. For example, to buy Atari tokens worth $46 Uniswap would charge a $160 Ethereum fee. This meant the traders and investors would always lose money.

Another reason was the long confirmation time. When the Ethereum network is congested, confirmations can take anywhere between 5 minutes to 5 hours to proceed.

Advantages of Fantom

The processing of transactions is faster and more convenient than Ethereum. This is because Fantom adopts ‘Proof of Stake’ over ‘Proof of Work’. The transaction confirmation time is also short. You can trade ATRI tokens in seconds. Lastly, Fantom charges a minimal transaction fee. You can easily trade tokens without the fear of incurring a huge transactional fee.

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