Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Ethereum Cofounder Buys Bored Ape M3 Level Serum.

Taylor Gerring, the ethereum cofounder, purchased a Bored Ape NFT serum with a mega mutant feature for ETH 888. His announcement to livestream the drinking event of this serum made big news among the BAYC community – a popular yacht club. The members wanted to witness this reveal.

Revealing Mutant Ape

The earlier owner had received this NFT for being a member of BAYC. The person has now sold it to Gerring. The mutant serums are related to a large NFT collection and are available in three levels. The M3 is the most difficult-to-find serum. This concept allows receiving of only a single serum hit to each Bored Ape. It allows 10,000 mega mutant apes their own spot. The BAYC members were excited to know when Gerring announced the live streaming of this reveal.

Top NFT during the Recent Holiday Shopping Season

Mutant Apes having mega attributes have switched the wallets earlier too, reaching a level of 350 ETH some months ago. The highest-priced is this serum purchased by Gerring. Two other NFTs purchased this week also made headlines.

The serum lets the owners transform their ape into a mutant. The 10,000 unique Ape NFTs of BAYC live on the blockchain ethereum network. A Bored Ape also works as a member card of the yacht club. Members get access to benefits available exclusively to members only. The first benefit is getting access to the collaborative graffiti board – THE BATHROOM. Other perks and areas can be opened by the members using roadmap activation

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