Monday, December 4, 2023

ETHMiami kick starts inaugural event, focus on Ethereum’s dominant programming language.

After the success of the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami, ETHMiami is set to take place with the inaugural event to focus on free Web3 programming education. This is set to be a community event for developers, researchers, and BUIDLers in the Ethereum ecosystem.

It will feature a free one-day workshop focused on Ethereum’s dominant programming language – Solidity. Moreover, Growic which offers tuition-free Web3 education will be ETHMiami’s educational partner. A number of speakers, from projects like the MetaMask and the Near blockchain, have been lined up. No costs or fees are involved. Organizers want to make ETHMiami an annual event like the Bitcoin 2022 Conference. They want to facilitate monthly meetups for people wanting to develop their Web3 hacking abilities.

At the Bitcoin 2022 Conference, much respect was showered on Ethereum by maxis. However, there was a deep disdain for shitcoins wholly. Eric Weinstein, the managing director of Thiel Capital, highlighted that Bitcoiners are the first people to break into the logical layer that breaks the constraints of the logical layer. He got philosophical saying that Bitcoin recognizes that humans are humans. By appealing to human’s base nature, Bitcoin appeals to liberty and freedom.

In regards to maximalism, Weinstein pointed out that the Bitcoin community is made up of some of the most forward-thinking people. It has clearly experienced a most profound form of inspiration, meaning success.

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