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Due to regulatory concerns, eToro will delist Cardano for US consumers by 2022.

Recently, it was announced that the Israeli cryptocurrency exchange, also known as eToro, will delist Cardano and TRX. This move comes as a shock because these are very popular coins among US-based crypto enthusiasts. This means that new people will not be able to invest in these cryptocurrencies. However, those who are already holding them will be safe. This delisting will occur by 2022. Thus, most US-based Cardano and TRX holders are advised to move to other cryptocurrencies if they are associated with any Israeli company or organization in any way.

The Reason

The reason given behind this delisting is regulatory concerns. There are several lawsuits floating around, and many think that these cryptocurrencies can be abused for illicit purposes. Thus, the Israeli cryptocurrency exchange has decided to distance itself from Cardano as well as TRX. For those who are hoping to see that crypto gains more credibility all around the world, this move comes as a shock.

What’s more, is that Cardano saw a rapid surge in its value. Thus, Cardano owners will be heartbroken after this news. Cardano blockchain’s coin is known as ADA and TRX is the coin of Tron. Both of them are under fire as of now and the future vis-a-vis Israel is uncertain.


That does not mean, however, that Cardano and Tron are finished. This move has stemmed from Israel and probably will only be limited to that country and the companies that associate with it. It is not the end of the world for both the blockchain technologies.

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